Pack 55 Registration

For a boy to be registered in Pack 55, his parents need to complete the BSA Cub Scout Application and pay the annual registration fee.

The Registration Fee is $125 per year and covers:

  • Pack Meeting activities
  • Campout fees, firewood, activities, etc.
  • Boys' Life subscription
  • FOS Pack contribution
  • Scout level book
  • Adult Leader Registration
  • Awards, badges, pins, belt loops etc.


New Scouts

The “CUB SCOUT APPLICATION FORM” must be completed for each new Cub Scout.
Click here to download the registration form.

Please fill out the registration form and bring it to the next Pack Meeting.

Alternatively, you can call the Pack 55's Registrar to have a pre-addressed envelope sent to you in the mail.

A returning scout does NOT need to fill out this form unless he has moved and needs to get BSA communications re-directed to his new residence.

All Scouts

All Scouts (including new Scouts) must pay the registration fee annually.

  • Fees are due at the time of registration with the pack or by the Pack Meeting in September.
  • Please bring a check payable to "BSA Pack 55" to the next Pack Meeting or call the Treasurer to get a mailing address.